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            All research labs have a ready supply of optical components to use to build a new instrument.   These can be combined in almost limitless ways to create new microscopy applications.  However, most labs have to develop a new microscopy solution for each application, a time consuming process, or they must adapt an existing solution.  Both situations tend to produce difficult to use software that is useful for only a limited range of applications

            Open Microscopy Toolkit is made to bridge these problems.  It is a common framework of software components that can be easily combined into a whole custom solution.  The toolkit can run cameras, stages, filters, and a large number of other common equipment.  New equipment can be easily added through plugins and the common framework.

            This toolkit is based on the Micromanager base and supports all their equipment.  It is compadible with Labview, Matlab, Python, Scilab, R and any language that supports DCOM.  It is based on the .Net framework allowing its use with a huge number of .Net languages

Supported Hardware (Taken from the micromanager Website)
Leica DMI microscopes
Leica DMR microscopes (and DMIRBE)
Nikon TE2000 motorized microscope
Nikon TI microscope
Nikon AZ100 Zoom microscope
Olympus IX81
Zeiss CAN-bus (not CAN29) compatible microscopes (Axiovert 200m, Axioplan2)
Zeiss CAN29-bus compatible microscopes (AxioObserver)
Cameras from ABS Gesellschaft für Automatisierung, Bildverarbeitung, Software GmbH Jena
Andor EM cameras
Firewire cameras that adhere to the iidc1394 specs (Mac and Linux only)
Virtual, emulated equipment for testing

Hamamatsu cameras (through DCAM library)
Roper/Photometrics cameras
Supports all PCO cameras (Sensicam, Pixelfly and others)
Stanford Photonics cameras
QImaging cameras
PCO/Cooke Sensicam camera

non-Open Source adapters are available for DVC, Scion and Stanford Photonics cameras.Contact these companies directly.
ASI Shutter and Filter Wheel controller
ASI XY (and Z) stage and CRIF
For stages that can be contolled with analogue voltage. Needs a DA device
Treats a DA output as a shutter. Useful (for instance) for diode lasers
Ludl stages, shutters and filter wheels
Marzhauser XY stages and Z
Mad City Labs MicroDrive
Mad City Labs NanoDrive
Nikon Z-drive, TIRF shutter and IntensiLight shutter
Physik Instrumente (PI) GCS adapter - Z Stage connected to PI GCS controller (E-665, E-621, E-625, E-753, ...)
Other (older) Physik Instrumente devices. Includes the E-662 controller
 LED illuminator (usable as a shutter device)
Prior stages, shutters, and filter wheels
Sutter hardware
Thorlabs Filter Wheel
Thorlabs shutter controller
Vincent Uniblitz controllers
Open Source Programmable Digital/Analogue IO board
DT OpenLayer Digital IO boards
Serial Ports on Windows
Serial Ports on Mac and Linux
TTLs on parallel port (Windows only)
Digital IO board (all platforms)
DIgital IO board (all platforms)
NEOS AOTF control through parallel port. Can be used for any TTL-controllable shutter
Conix Filter Changer
Yokogawa CSU22
Yokogawa CSUX, all models
Spectral laser line controller
Pecon Incubation System
Cobolt laser controller